Next-Gen Warehousing: Warehouse Management from AIT

As e-Commerce growth continues to pressure businesses to get goods out the door faster, many are outsourcing their warehousing needs—66 percent, according to one 2019 survey.

From short-term storage to virtual warehousing, when you’re trusting a warehouse management partner with your goods, you’re really trusting them with your bottom line. That’s why it’s important to find just the right fit.

Trust the experts with your warehousing requirements

For decades, AIT’s warehouse management services have optimized the global supply chains of businesses and organizations in virtually every industry.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of commodities—from frozen food and medicines to aircraft engines and beyond—our warehouse management solutions capitalize on opportunities for operational improvement, leading to lower storage and distribution costs and increased productivity.

What warehouse management services does AIT provide?

Our team of experts specializes in helping businesses maximize productivity with a comprehensive range of scalable, customizable warehouse management solutions, including:

What is virtual warehousing?

A virtual warehouse is a type of data warehouse—a large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources used to guide management decisions. In this case, the warehouse keeps tabs on a businesses’ organization-wide inventory data.

In general, virtual warehouses support faster order fulfillment while reducing transportation costs, labor costs and service times. Specific examples include the capability for automatic order fulfillment determinations as well as the means to aggregate demand of low-volume stock across multiple locations, reducing inventory levels while meeting overall demand.

What are bonded warehouses?

A bonded warehouse is a secure area where you can have goods you import into the United States assembled, labeled, marked, manipulated and/or stored without paying duties for as many as five years from the import date. Customs approval is required for any cleaning, repackaging or sorting of goods.

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Does AIT have established warehousing security measures? If so, what are they?

Yes, we do. AIT’s strict compliance with established guidelines for workplace safety and cargo security help our customers maintain industry standards while operating as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re moving cargo domestically or internationally, you can count on our decades of all-encompassing transportation and logistics security experience.

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Does AIT warehousing include data integration?

Yes, it does. And you can send AIT your orders electronically via the EDI technology of your choice, manually or via batch uploads. If you want to make informed decisions, reduce costs and grow your bottom line, you’ll need access to your shipping data. So, make sure any partner you choose for freight shipments can deliver access to all your vital information.

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Streamline your supply chain with AIT warehousing services

Partner with a team of global warehousing experts with the flexibility to adapt to your specific warehousing needs. As a full-service transportation and logistics partner, AIT understands how important warehouse management and distribution planning are to your company’s success. Contact a representative today to learn more.

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