Influencer Kits

How to Send Products to Influencers and Propel Your Brand into the Spotlight

Enhance Your Brand Reach with AIT’s Customized Influencer Kits

Do you want to go viral on social media, but aren’t sure how to send products to influencers? Trust AIT’s specialized service for sending product samples and testing kits to social media influencers and help your brand cut through the clutter. 

Why AIT's Customized Influencer Kits?

Tailor-Made Branding
Your delicious products deserve the spotlight. That's why we offer customized packaging that echoes your brand's unique flavor and tone. 

From including your swag to personalized notes, we ensure every kit reflects your identity.

Seamless Experiences
We don’t just send packages; we create unboxing events that influencers and their followers love. 

Our special services, from custom boxes to strategic product placement, turn every delivery into a memorable experience.

Expert Handling
Special requests? Multi-temp packing? Diverse inventory? We’ve got it all under control.

With our expertise in handling special packing requests, you can rest assured that your products will arrive in perfect condition.

Collaborative Projects
We can coordinate across your multiple sub-brands to ensure your products are part of larger, buzz-worthy collaborations.

Custom Solutions
From unique wrapping to specialized fillers, our additional services make every package a unique discovery.

Engaging Touches
Personalize the experience with hand-written notes, making every influencer feel like a genuine VIP.

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