AIT solutions help powersports manufacturer reap benefits of just-in-time production

Published on: Apr 15, 2021

AIT solutions help powersports manufacturer reap benefits of just-in-time production


In the fast-paced world of just-in-time (JIT) industrial production, one powersports manufacturer needed a freight forwarder who could scale, flex and—most importantly—deliver raw materials and components as needed. For four years, AIT’s customizable industrial logistics solutions have helped the customer grow their bottom line.

CHALLENGE: Tight production timelines without inventory buffer

While the customer’s streamlined JIT manufacturing environment keeps inventory low, cutting costs and increasing efficiency, it’s also susceptible to supply and demand shocks—at worst, if manufacturing is temporarily suspended, the lingering line-down situation can potentially cost millions of dollars.

To keep production running smoothly, the customer needed a freight forwarder who could quickly communicate and operate across its global procurement regions in Europe and Asia, while efficiently and cost-effectively moving inventory to its North American manufacturing facilities in lockstep with production schedules.

SOLUTION: All-in-one, combined approach 

Combining air freight to the United Statesground transportation across North America and customs brokerage services, AIT’s JIT industrial logistics experts delivered seamless, door-to-door solutions for sourcing and shipping components and materials from Asia and Europe to the customer’s North American manufacturing facilities. AIT also supports the customer’s JIT requirements by providing:

  • International sourcing and procurement support
  • Purchase order (PO) origin pickup
  • Export clearance
  • Airport recovery services
  • Bonded trucking to North American manufacturing destinations via exclusive-use vehicles
  • Electronic data integration for IT-production line alignment

The AIT Difference Makers

  • A fast, flexible and more affordable solution
  • Real-time communication with partners and AIT locations in Asia and Europe enables 24/7 operational support
  • Unmatched speed to quote
  • Consistent and proactive process communication

RESULT: Efficiently filled POs boost bottom line

AIT handles thousands of individual PO transactions for the customer annually—from electronic components to drive shafts to fabricated assembly parts and more—consistently meeting or exceeding requirements for on-time delivery and other critical key performance indicators.

In addition to protecting the customer from seven-figure losses due to line-down situations, AIT’s scalable industrial logistics solutions pivot from supporting increased consumer demand to dialing down inventory as needed, meeting production challenges while maintaining cost efficiency.

Benefit from decades of manufacturing logistics experience.


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