AIT Develops Innovative Packaging Solution for High-Definition Televisions

Published on: Dec 24, 2013

AIT develops packaging solution for high-definition televisions  

The Challenge:

A leading consumer electronics manufacturer introduced a new 85” high-definition television to consumers that was not packaged to support transportation without damage. As the company’s appointed logistics provider, AIT was first in line to handle the transportation.

AIT’s corporate national accounts team determined that the high-value commodities were too risky to be transported in their own packaging. They advised the current customer of their findings and offered to put together a solution that involved crating the TV’s on AIT’s dock prior to shipping them to end-users for the final mile delivery.

At the same time, the packaging on the customer’s 103” televisions was modified and AIT also determined that the risk was too great to transport them without proper protection.

The company proceeded to give their business to other transportation carriers, who in turn caused multiple damages to the televisions during transport.

AIT was challenged to earn back their customer’s valuable “big screen” business by developing, introducing and presenting a packaging and crating solution to its national transportation team.

The Solution:

Through the concerted efforts of its corporate national accounts team, AIT was able to offer and sell a solution that ensured extra steps were taken to reduce the risk of damages and protect the high-end commodities that are delivered to millions of customers across the globe

The Result:

In only a matter of two months, the customer decided that AIT’s initial crating and packaging solution was their best long-term answer for preserving the quality and integrity of their televisions.

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