AIT delivers emergency cold chain excellence for global consumer goods giant

Published on: Jun 25, 2024

AIT delivers emergency cold chain excellence


When a leading multinational company specializing in consumer goods, including food and beverages, suddenly found itself needing to rapidly transport 831,000 pounds (or pints!) of ice cream from the United States to Australia, they turned to the food logistics professionals at AIT Worldwide Logistics for a solution. 

In response, experts on both continents stepped up to collaborate on a tailored cold-chain logistics strategy, reducing transit time significantly and maintaining product quality. The successful project helped secure AIT’s position as a trusted logistics provider for the client.


CHALLENGE: Navigating logistical complexity 

The critical requirement for the client’s expedited shipment was to keep the large quantity of ice cream at a constant -20°F throughout the journey to Australia. Meeting this challenge meant finding an alternative to the usual ocean freight option due to the time-sensitive nature of the task.


SOLUTION: Strategic planning, execution 

AIT food logistics professionals crafted a comprehensive solution that addressed the unique needs of the shipment:

Strategic Air Freight
The team procured cost-efficient air freight options for the transit from Chicago to Sydney.

World-Class Cold Chain Handling
Our cold-chain experts provided specialized packing solutions to ensure temperature integrity.

End-to-End Logistics Management
AIT’s food logistics control tower guided a seamlessly executed process from initial pickup at the manufacturing facility to pre-flight preparations and final delivery.

Sydney Logistics Operations
Our food logistics experts arranged ground distribution and warehousing in Sydney, from the airport to temporary frozen storage and final delivery via temperature-controlled trucks to the customer’s distribution center.

The AIT Difference Makers

  • Diverse portfolio of high quality cold-chain services 
  • Strong relationships with vetted, specialized carriers 
  • Extraordinarily low claims ratio 
  • Proactive communication and personalized attention

RESULT: Unparalleled efficiency, reliability

The strategic approach adopted by AIT resulted in outstanding outcomes:

Remarkable Efficiency
The solution reduced the door-to-door shipment time from more than 70 days to just 96 hours.

Uncompromised Reliability
AIT's food logistics team maintained a perfect record of on-time deliveries for this project with zero temperature deviations.

Supply Chain Impact
By enabling quick replenishment of the client’s distribution centers, AIT helped ensure an uninterrupted supply of ice cream to retail partners.

Broadened Service Scope
The success of this project enabled AIT to become a globally approved provider for this client moving forward.

Through their innovative and efficient cold-chain solutions, AIT's food logistics experts demonstrated their ability to meet and exceed the stringent demands of a global leader in consumer goods. 

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