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  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Logo

    AIT Worldwide Logistics

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Tagline our people deliver


  • AIT Customs Brokerage logo

    AIT Customs Brokerage

LinkedIn Cover Images

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Logo

    Cover #5

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Project Cargo Move

    Cover #6

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Silver Banner

    Cover #7

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Wall Logo

    Cover #8


  • AIT Worldwide Logistics President and CEO Vaughn Moore Headshot

    Vaughn Moore

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Chief Information Officer CIO Ray Fennelly Headshot

    Ray Fennelly

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Chief Operating Officer COO Keith Tholan Headshot

    Keith Tholan

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Chief Financial Officer Kory Glen Headshot

    Kory Glen

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Executive Vice President Greg Weigel Headshot

    Greg Weigel

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Sales Ben Naro Headshot

    Ben Naro

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Strategic Accounts Mike Rothacher Headshot

    Mike Rothacher

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Global Accounts Bill Fallon Headshot

    Bill Fallon

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Asia Pacific Wilson Lee Headshot

    Wilson Lee

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Americas Ryan Carter Headshot

    Ryan Carter

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Europe Michael Völlnagel Headshot

    Michael Völlnagel

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Human Resources Angela Mancuso Headshot

    Angela Mancuso

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Accounting and Finance Patrick Merola Headshot

    Patrick Merola

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Finance Europe Anthony Nicholas Headshot

    Anthony Nicholas

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Information Technology Chris McMillin Headshot

    Chris McMillin

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Global Infrastructure Mike Tegtmeyer Headshot

    Mike Tegtmeyer

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics General Counsel Ryan Lanterman Headshot

    Ryan Lanterman

  • AIT Worldwide Logistics Vice President Summit Expedited Logistics Joe Kontuly Headshot

    Joe Kontuly

Disclaimer of Use

As an established and legal company under the laws of the United States, AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. (“AIT”) takes caution with media relations to ensure that information provided to the public is clear and factual. Media inquiries regarding AIT must be handled properly and in accordance with this policy.


All inquiries regarding AIT shall be referred to the company’s Corporate Marketing and Communications team. This includes but is not limited to inquiries pertaining to disasters, theft, arrest, accidents, injuries, complaints or regulatory actions.

Corporate Marketing and Communications team members are designated and authorized to organize all media-related briefings and shall make arrangements on behalf of AIT.

For presentations during seminars, conferences and events, members and liaisons of the company shall discuss AIT offerings and services that support the company.

The media has no right to enter AIT grounds without express permission from Marketing. They also cannot block the entrance to any AIT facilities and/or prevent people from exiting or entering company facilities.

Employees are strictly prohibited from consulting with the media regarding matters pertaining to AIT without express permission from Corporate Marketing and Communications.


Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, AIT grants you a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to access and publish the imagery provided on the AIT Media Center (“media center”). You agree not to alter, reproduce, duplicate, sell, resell or redistribute any media center imagery.

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