Air Carrier Routes Suspended Due to COVID-19

As AIT’s transportation logistics experts continue to develop solutions for customers importing or exporting from affected regions, please note that the State Health Organization places shipment priority, including import customs clearance, on medical supplies.

Stay tuned for new key carrier schedules as they are made available. 

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Last updated:  February 20, 2020   10:00 AM CST 

Air Bridge
Still operating flights to/from Beijing/Hong Kong/Shanghai. Flights to/from other destinations including Chengdu, ChongQing and other cities have been cancelled.

No flights from Chicago O’Hare or Khimki, Russia, Europe until the end of February.

Air Canada
All Shanghai and Beijing flights through Feb. 29

Air China
All passenger flights to/from China suspended until March 28

Air France
All flights to/from Beijing and Shanghai are suspended through March 15. On March 16, operations to these cities are expected to resume gradually. Normal flight schedules to/from China (including Wuhan) expected to resume March 29. Flights to/from Hong Kong and Taipei remain in operation as scheduled.

Air Indonesia
All flights between China and Indonesia until further notice 

Air Seoul
All flights to/from China until further notice 

American Airlines
Flights between Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles and mainland China suspended through April 24. Flights between Dallas/Fort Worth and Hong Kong, and Los Angeles and Hong Kong are suspended through April 23 and April 24, respectively.

ANA Cargo
Suspended service to Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shenyang until March 28. Currently experiencing a temporary back log into Qingdao and Dalian. Freighters operating on reduced capacity.

Austrian Airlines
All flights between Austria and China through February  

All flights to Guilin, Changshan and Haikou suspended. Remaining flights under extreme backlog and servicing under express rates only. No new bookings accepted until backlog clears.

British Airways
All flights between mainland China/Hong Kong and the United Kingdom through Feb. 23 

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon
Now accepting general cargo PR3 bookings out of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Flights suspended between London/Newark/Rome/Taichung/Washington and mainland China except Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Xiamen.

Through March 28, services to/from mainland China will be progressively decreased until 90 percent of flights are suspended. Combined with additional reductions in service around the network, the airline expects to reduce overall by 30 percent over the next two months. The freighter schedule remains largely intact.

Flights to/from Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Xiamen and Hong Kong 

China Airlines
All passenger flights to China suspended except to Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Chengdu until further notice. No bookings from New York to China until Feb. 28

China Southern
No bookings accepted until further notice 

Delta Airlines and Delta Cargo
All United States-China flights through April 30.

Until further notice, Delta Cargo has embargoed all shipments with an origin or destination in China. Due to Delta Air Lines’ suspended flight schedule, new bookings will not be permitted, and shipments will no longer be accepted.

Egypt Air
All flights to China until further notice

El Al
All flights between Tel Aviv and Beijing until March 24 

Passenger and freighter flights to Guangzhou and Shanghai 

Etihad Airways
Reintroduced limited capacity freighter flights between Abu Dhabi and Shanghai on Feb. 19

Eva Air
Partial cancellations until further notice 

All flights between Finland and Beijing/Nanjing until further notice 

Hainan Airlines
Flights between Los Angeles and Beijing/Changsha/Chengdu/Chongqing/Xi’an remain cancelled through March 1. Flights between San Jose and Beijing also remain cancelled through March 1. Cancellations for flights between Seattle and Beijing/Shanghai have been extended through March 28.

Hong Kong Airlines
Many flights suspended to/from China (including Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Nanjing) through March 28 

Hong Kong Express
All flights cancelled between Nagasaki/Osaka/Seoul and Hong Kong until March 26 

Iberia Airlines
All flights between Madrid and Shanghai until further notice

All flights between Chengdu/Hong Kong and Kolkata until further notice 

Japan Airlines
All flights between Beijing and Japan suspended March 28

All flights to/from Hefei, Guiyang, Xuzhou and Singapore through March 

Kenya Airways
All flights between China and Kenya until further notice 

Korean Air
All flights to/from Wuhan until further notice 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
All flights to/from Beijing and Shanghai are suspended through March 15. On March 16, operations to these cities are expected to resume. Service to/from Chengdu, Hangzhou and Xiamen will remain suspended through March 28. Pending re-evaluation, normal flight schedules to/from China expected to resume March 29. Flights to/from Hong Kong and Taipei remain in operation as scheduled.

Lufthansa Group
All flights to/from mainland China (excluding Hong Kong) suspended until Feb. 29. Service to Qingdao, Nanjing and Shenyang suspended until March 28. Flights to Hong Kong will continue to operate as scheduled. 

Pakistan International Airlines
All flights to/from China until further notice 

Offering two limited-time charter flights from Los Angeles to Shanghai on Feb. 23 and Feb. 25

Qantas Airways
All flights between Beijing/Shanghai and Sydney suspended until March 29. Services to Hong Kong remain uninterrupted.

Qatar Airways
All passenger flights to/from mainland China until further notice. No freighter service to Xiamen. No space available to Shanghai until after March 9.

All flights between China and Copenhagen through Feb. 29 

Scoot Airlines
All flights to/from China

Silk Way Airlines
Premium rate bookings from Shanghai to Azerbaijan will resume Feb. 25 and from Azerbaijan to Shanghai March 3. 

Singapore Airlines
All flights to/from China cancelled until early March. Temporarily cutting 670  passengers flights from March to May across 96 routes, including to Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney. 

Swiss and Swiss WorldCargo
All services to/from Beijing and Shanghai until Feb. 28. Flights to/from Nanjing, Shenyang and Quingdao cancelled until March 28. Operations to/from Hong Kong will continue as scheduled.

Thai Smile Airways
All flights to/from China cancelled

Turkish Airlines
All flights between Beijing/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Xian and Turkey until further notice.

Turkish Cargo
Freighters flying to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan remain active

United Airlines
Operations suspended between U.S. hub cities and Beijing/Chengdu/Shanghai until April 24. U.S. flights to/from Hong Kong suspended through Feb. 20.

Flights are continuing to/from China. Accepting space available air cargo shipments with the stipulation that these shipments may be delayed while capacity is adjusted to align with demand.

Virgin Atlantic
All flights to/from/through China and Hong Kong cancelled until further notice

Ocean Carrier Updates

Last updated:  February 19, 2020   9:46 AM CST

A member of the CMA CGM group, Singapore-based APL issued a customer advisory addressing multiple topics including adjustments to capacity, operations in China, and health and safety measures aboard its vessels and in its offices. Read the full announcement here.

Starting March 13, a US$2,000 surcharge for reefers from United States and Canada to Asia starting. Starting March 1, reefer FAK rates from North Europe to Asia, ranging from US$4,700 to US$5,700.

Head office and Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen regional office and Hong Kong have fully resumed work. Other regional offices, including Tianjin, Ningbo, South China continue to provide service via telecommuting and some on-site teams. Ocean ports are operating as normal.

Starting March 12, a congestion surcharge will be added for all 40-foot import reefers to mainland China (Hong Kong excluded). Please note that other carriers may follow.

Hapag Lloyd
US$325 surcharge per container from North Europe to Far East

Terminal operations continue loading and discharging vessels, handling current volumes, and all ocean terminal depots remain open. Most off-dock depots have resumed work, except Ningbo and Yantian.

Eleven blank sailings announced through mid March. Read the full announcement here.

Ocean Network Express (ONE)
Mainland office resumption delayed to Feb. 24, at the earliest, excluding Wuhan, which is suspended until further notice. No new bookings in and out of Hubei province ports, including Wuhan, until further notice. Arranging COD or ship-back on a case-by-case basis for import cargo into Hubei province that is suspended or abandoned.

All reefer cargo arriving into Shanghai and Xingang will incur a US$1,000 congestion surcharge. Until further notice, March 14 will be the effective date for regulated trades.

Will not apply container detention charges (excluding port storage, monitoring fee) for any type of import cargo into mainland China (including dangerous goods, special equipment and reefer cargo) over the Jan. 24 to Feb. 9 period (inclusive of both dates). This exemption is NOT applicable to import cargo moving into Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Shipco Transport
Offering relayed service via Seoul and other Asian gateways, as well as China to United States expedited services and China to Europe rail options. Review the full announcement for details.

A general rate increase for all Asia to United States/Canada shipments is scheduled for March 15.

All major ports are open and operational. Warehouses are operational, most with limited staffing.

Trucking has resumed on a very limited basis, available predominantly in major cities and generally requiring advanced booking. Due to driver shortages, extended transit times are expected.

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