Track and Trace Air Cargo Efficiently

Would your company like to track and trace air cargo more efficiently? Or access your supply chain status from anywhere in the world? AIT Worldwide Logistics offers these benefits and much more through a simple online interface called MyAIT.

AIT is proud of track record of wide-ranging customer and industry-specific expertise delivering consumer goods, textiles, telecommunications, high tech and more. Constantly evolving our technology to improve reporting, real-time visualization and efficiency, AIT’s in-house tech staff is responsible for the cornerstone of AIT’s integrated supply chain technology – MyAIT.

Providing customers with complete shipment visibility and enhanced communication, the MyAIT portal enables customers to:

  • Request quotes and booking shipments
  • Set up email alerts using shipment status triggers
  • Track physical or virtual inventory in AIT’s warehouses
  • Manage purchase orders
  • Generate reports
  • View invoice/billing status
  • Access key metrics from anywhere in the world

AIT’s extensive logistical expertise coupled with MyAIT’s real-time visibility into the shipping process results in a more efficient supply chain – all without additional effort required on your end.

Ready to track and trace air cargo through My AIT? Speak with an AIT operations expert today about partnering with AIT, or if you are already a customer, login to the MyAIT Customer Portal here. Don’t have a login? Fill out a registration request here.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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