How AIT Can Help

No two clients are alike. AIT understands this and it’s why we offer flexible solutions based on what you need – no matter how complex. We’ve been serving and satisfying customers across many industries for over 35 years. Our mission is simple: To drive the complexity out of transportation and logistics.

Superior customer service is backed by innovative technology that offers real-time visibility into the materials we are transporting or managing. You always know the status and location of your shipment – and you can count on AIT delivering it, on time while maintaining product integrity.

AIT offers the full solution. Quite simply, our people deliver®. From our customer service representatives and drivers, to our corporate compliance staff and operations personnel, AIT provides answers to solve your supply chain challenges.

Who we are:

  • A company based on honesty, best practices and transportation expertise to manage by exception any commodity in the shipment lifecycle
  • An established brand, well known and respected in our industry
  • A vast network of transportation intelligence embodied in our people
  • A dedicated and passionate staff, eager to develop solutions and committed to service excellence -- across our offices, partners, customers and future prospects
  • A corporate culture that exceeds job satisfaction expectations

Added to this, AIT is a growing and financially stable company. We are not only expanding beyond domestic borders, but we are continuously reviewing new business opportunities to adjust to the transportation landscape. This keeps us keenly focused on acquiring qualified new accounts to add to our diverse customer portfolio. We are actively seeking market share in overseas partnerships, along with adding new offices and reviewing employee and Independent prospects to join the AIT family.

Benefits of using AIT 

Spanning nationwide locations and a robust network of international partners, AIT has the expertise and resources to address vertical markets and industries. Our employees are deeply committed to providing a personal touch, sharing valuable skills and insights. A familiar voice is offered to assist with every shipment entrusted to us -- from point of origin to point of destination.

In short, AIT delivers -- what you need, when and where you want it.

  • Diverse customer portfolio
  • Vertical market expertise
  • Flexible and competitive pricing extends across all service lines
  • Certification support the quality of our services
  • Wide-ranging customer and industry-specific solutions
  • Point of origin and destination
  • Expertise in solving supply chain challenges across more vertical markets and industries than comparable transportation solution providers
  • Highly skilled and credentialed employees
  • Recognized security expertise and certifications
  • World-class proprietary technology tools that support real-time visibility into all shipments – no matter how small or large
  • Customer service call-centers and dedicated action teams that provide personal and ongoing support in every transaction
  • Highly qualified global network of transportation partners that share their expertise with AIT and offer clients the benefit of their local market knowledge, experience and reach
  • Near flawless on-time performance percentage
  • Consultative approach to each customer – not prescriptive

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 60 offices worldwide.

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