Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

Looking for freight solutions that are more predictable, faster, and reliable? Check out the benefits of intermodal transportation through AIT Worldwide Logistics.

From our beginnings as a local forwarder in 1979, AIT is now an award-winning global logistics leader with regional headquarters in Chicago, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Businesses around the world leverage AIT’s intermodal transportation solutions to streamline their supply chains. By combining our vast logistical expertise with real-time visibility into key metrics, we can more effectively manage your supply chain for you.  

The benefits of intermodal transportation are numerous, including: 

  • Lower total transportation costs
  • The elimination of third-party handling during transit
  • Lower fuel expenses
  • Reduced carbon footprint 
  • Real-time visibility

To arm our customers with hard metrics to better balance inventory, allocate budgets across different channels properly and more, AIT offers MyAIT  -- a proprietary web-based solution that goes beyond traditional tracking and tracing processes to provide customer users with complete shipment visibility at every stage of the transportation process, from anywhere in the world. Apply for quotes, book shipments, track inventory, manage purchase orders and generate custom data reports – these are just a few of the valuable features available to you 24/7/365.

If these benefits of intermodal transportation have piqued your interest, contact an AIT operations expert now to discuss your specific requirements.

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