AIT's Good Distribution Practices Certification Ensures World-Class Pharmaceutical Distribution

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains lives are often on the line. That’s why AIT’s Life Sciences Control Tower earned Good Distribution Practices certification. This credential affirms our dedication to security and quality across the board—especially in this crucial marketplace.

As a premium pharmaceuticals and life sciences provider, AIT invests in consistent quality management systems throughout the entire supply chain. That means our customers can enjoy peace of mind, as well as reduced risk and increased efficiency.

Read on to learn more about good distribution practices for the pharmaceutical industry, AIT’s certification and the role we play in the distribution of medicines around the world.

Good distribution practices (GDP) certification requires pharmaceutical product handlers to meet stringent World Health Organization (WHO) standards for safety and security. While GDP certification is not a global requirement, EU pharmaceutical companies and their logistics partners must comply with GDP regulations.

Global certification leader SGS issued the certification to AIT’s Life Sciences control tower August 9, 2019. AIT’s other locations have replicated the control tower’s learnings from the certification experience, ensuring that all AIT locations are GDP compliant, as well. 

SGS operates a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the globe and is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Learn more at

In order to obtain certification, AIT’s Life Sciences control tower had to prove its cold chain procedures meet WHO standards to provide customers with a secure, safe, and efficient supply chain for pharmaceutical cargo.

The certification application included:

  • Several document, process and procedure audits
  • A two-day onsite assessment
  • A live product recall drill
  • Examination of AIT’s vendors and suppliers
  • Physical inspections of the control tower’s containers and packaging, sanitary conditions, security and temperature control variation

To remain GDP compliant, AIT’s life sciences division must undergo an annual audit for three years. After three years, SGS requires a major audit to renew certification.

Yes, the GDP certification AIT received from SGS applies exclusively to the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical distribution. However, AIT’s has robust cold chain logistics capabilities and numerous other certifications, including food handling, WCA perishables and others. 
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To support pharmaceutical distribution, AIT offers robust, innovative cold chain shipping and warehouse solutions, including state-of-the-art storage facilities, as well as active, passive and temperature-monitored packing and shipping options.
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AIT strictly adheres to industry-standard compliance regulations and holds several transportation licenses and certifications beyond pharmaceutical distribution. 
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