Shipping Perishables 101: How to Ship Perishables with Expert Help

Move food, medicine (and more!) fast with AIT expertise

From avoiding cross-contamination to maintaining consistent temperature control, the logistics involved in moving perishable cargo can be complex.

That’s why many organizations turn to expert help for their perishable shipping needs, working with trusted partners, like AIT, to make sure the necessary storage, packing and shipping is all handled as quickly, securely—and cost-effectively—as possible.

Read on to learn more about how to ship perishables, the benefits of teaming up with professional cold chain logistics experts, and what perishable shipping solutions from AIT might best fit your needs.

What goods and commodities are considered perishables?

In short, anything that can spoil. While you might first think of food, like dairy and produce, common perishable goods also include temperature-sensitive medicines, vaccines and immunizations and pharmaceutical ingredients.

What perishable shipping solutions do AIT’s cold chain teams offer?

Both our dedicated life science division and food logistics division teams have decades of expertise and the wide-range of resources required to create a perishables shipping solution just right for your organization.

AIT’s perishable shipping solutions include:

  • Product fulfillment
  • Sample distribution
  • Custom technology solutions
  • International and new product documentation support
  • Truckload brokerage
  • Packaging, re-packing, kitting and labeling
  • Expedited, sample and high-volume shipments
  • Customizable warehouse solutions
  • And more!

Does AIT operate warehouses or storage facilities that can handle perishable goods?

Yes! AIT’s global network of facility partners ensures that no matter where your shipment originates, we can safely pick it up, pack it, store it and get it where you need it.

Our on-demand warehouse network includes TSA-certified cargo screening facilities, bonded facilities and a wide range of cold-storage capabilities, including:

  • Freezers and coolers with included packing systems
  • Dry ice and refrigerants
  • Abundant racking space
  • Docks equipped with roller systems
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Proprietary packing procedures

I need help shipping perishables—what should I look for in a partner?

For quick tips on what to look for when selecting a cold chain logistics partner, and plenty of additional guidance on food logistics, download AIT’s free Logistics Solutions Guide to Food Shipping (no email address required!).

What technology does AIT offer to support shipping perishables?

In addition to online and mobile shipment tracking, you can upload your orders (individual or batch) to AIT with the touch of a button via the EDI technology of your choice. And we provide access to all your shipping data, so you can make informed decisions, reduce costs and grow your bottom line. 

Learn more about AIT’s flexible technology offering.

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Whether you’re moving vital, temperature-sensitive medical products or fresh, refrigerated or frozen food, AIT has the expertise and expansive network to take your perishables strategy to the next level. To start a partnership with our dedicated life science or food logistics teams, or simply learn more, contact an AIT representative today.

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