Popular collectibles retailer bypasses COVID-19 postal delays with AIT's safe, cost-effective international e-Commerce solution

Published on: Nov 12, 2020

Collectibles retailer bypasses COVID-19 postal delays


When the COVID-19 pandemic led to the indefinite suspension of a toy and collectible retailer’s usual shipment channel from Japan to North America in early 2020, AIT created a direct-to-consumer parcel solution that not only cleared the online seller’s shipment backlog, but also introduced secure package tracking.

“You guys rock… you’re the last people I called and the first people who proposed [a solution].” – Collectibles retailer


CHALLENGE: Postal suspension exposes client to high costs, delivery time variation

After safety concerns pushed Japan Post into suspending international delivery service to more than 150 countries in the first quarter of 2020, a collectibles seller with a loyal, worldwide following was left with a 15,000-order backlog of international e-Commerce shipments.

While air shipment options from Japan to the United States were too costly to serve as a sustainable solution for the client, ocean shipping presented too much variation in delivery times.

Additionally, unable to provide reliable tracking for their customers, the retailer was concerned about possible consumer fraud.

SOLUTION: Tracking-enhanced, cost-effective end-to-end ocean shipping

AIT’s e-Commerce logistics experts rapidly developed a door-to-door parcel service for the client that included:
  • In-country personnel to support communications, pick up and container loading
  • Consistent 12-day ocean transport from Japan to Los Angeles
  • U.S. product inspection, package-level scanning and address confirmation
  • Tender management to parcel carriers for final North American delivery
  • Step-by-step package level visibility

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RESULT: Backlog cleared, transparent process in place

AIT’s end-to-end home delivery solution not only re-started the client’s business—clearing their backlog of orders in less than a month—it also enabled the client to establish a more reliable, accountable and secure supply chain for 100,000 annual direct-to-consumer shipments.

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