AIT Gives Pharmaceutical Company's Supply Chain A Shot In The Arm

Published on: Mar 09, 2011

AIT gives pharmaceutical company's supply chain a shot in the arm


The Challenge:

One of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical service providers presented AIT a business challenge that involved crafting local and national supply chain solutions involving real-time inventory control, advanced tracking and tracing systems and cost-effective distribution processes catering to the time-sensitive nature of their business.

The company specifically asked for AIT’s expertise in transporting direct shipments of clinical trials and innovative therapies to sales teams, physicians, pharmacists and medical professionals.

Keeping in mind the lifesaving implications of the pharmaceutical products developed and distributed by the company, AIT’s corporate, Dallas and Louisville stations set out to analyze the company’s business processes from the corporate and warehouse levels in order to deliver the most efficient and comprehensive supply chain solution possible.

The Solution:

As the company grew, AIT’s sales and operations teams taught its employees how to adjust their approach to transportation, particularly through processing orders to meet rising business demands.

At the local level in Louisville, AIT was able to demonstrate ease of use and remove the customer entirely from all tracking and tracing functions so that the company could focus on the bread and butter of their business – order management and product distribution – from its 124,000 square foot warehouse.

On the corporate side of the account, AIT showed the customer how to take on new responsibilities within its supply chain in order to streamline business processes and operational efficiencies.

The Result:

Using AIT’s IT capabilities, extensive industry knowledge and proactive communication processes, AIT’s Dallas and Louisville teams were able to knock out the account’s incumbent competition on a local and national level by working together to demonstrate true value as a consultative business partner.

AIT’s total transportation solution helped the customer achieve better turnaround times, greater flexibility and improved visibility to its operation. Most importantly, the company became better equipped to protect the best interests of their customers – the healthcare providers who need their lifesaving medical products, often on a moment’s notice or within a mere matter of hours.

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