Perishable Logistics

AIT Worldwide Logistics is an expert in transportation and logistics for perishable commodities. We ship chilled, frozen-fresh and shelf-stable goods to destinations around the world. The integrity of these time and temperature-sensitive products is ensured by experienced AIT logistics professionals and a state-of-the-art facility for storing perishables. Experts in our perishables division handle every imaginable aspect, carefully and strategically packing, tracking and tracing every shipment.

In addition to AIT’s Chicago area perishable headquarters, our global network of cold storage partner facilities ensures that no matter where a shipment originates, we can pick it up, pack it, store it and deliver it safely.

  • Product Fulfillment
  • Sample Distribution
  • Custom Technology Solutions
  • Dedicated Experts
  • Industry Expertise

Perishable Warehouse

  • Freezer Maintained at -10°F/-23°C
  • Racking Space
  • Cooler Equipped with Packing System maintained at +34°F/+1°C
  • Dock Equipped with Roller System
  • Proprietary Packing SOPs
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Packing, Scanning and Labeling
  • Dry Ice and Refrigerants


AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 60 offices worldwide.

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