Annual Sustainability Report now available

Published on: Apr 24, 2023

Annual Sustainability Report now availableCompanywide progress including scope 3 data collection, insetting initiatives, and calculating shipment-level emissions

AIT Worldwide Logistics is proud to announce the publication of our annual sustainability report as we reaffirm our goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2035. The updated document reports on the status of our efforts to fulfill our environmental, social and governance commitments.

Carbon emissions remains a key area of focus based on customer demands and employee expectations. Encouragingly, accelerated investments in net-zero emissions solutions are taking place across the transportation and logistics industry. This groundswell is bringing our world closer to the time when economies of scale will kick in and sustainable supply chains will be the cost-effective norm.

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In 2022, AIT’s sustainability team focused on improving data collection and calculation of scope 3 emissions. By harnessing quality data points from hundreds of carriers, AIT now calculates emissions for our customers for any individual shipment regardless of origin, destination or mode. We add value and earn our customers’ trust by partnering with a third-party provider to validate the accuracy of our calculations.

AIT also launched multiple pilot programs in 2022 to develop insetting solutions for moving freight. As opposed to offsetting, which seeks to make amends for carbon emissions after the fact, insetting activities reduce or even eliminate emissions before they occur. These pilot programs, extending across modes and global regions, offer an exciting window into the future of our business.

Last year, we engaged in the communities where we work and live by launching five new flagship charitable alliances in Asia and Europe. The company further supported philanthropic activity by providing every teammate with five paid hours for hands-on volunteering. The AIT Cares program also met its donation goal for 2022 by giving $250,000 to organizations dedicated to cancer research, childhood development, and support for women, minority groups and underserved communities.


Our company still faces many challenges on the road to net-zero carbon emissions. For example, we were unable to obtain conclusive data quantifying emissions from our employees’ commuting. Also, an EV initiative in the United States was delayed due to equipment quality issues. And improved reporting resulted in an increase for our downstream transportation and distribution emissions.


AIT remains dedicated to making progress towards our sustainability goal. In fact, we strengthened our commitment by becoming a signatory of The Climate Pledge in 2022. We look forward to bolstering our sustainability team in 2023 and further reducing our carbon footprint as we continue acting today to deliver a better tomorrow.

Working to protect the environment is part of AIT's company culture.

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