Differentiate, Delight and Grow with AIT's Global Transportation Solutions

Provide standout shipping with professional global transportation management

Whether you’re a sprawling multinational outfit or an ambitious startup, AIT’s customized global transportation solutions can help you grow geographic reach, customer loyalty, profits and more.

For more than 40 years, we’ve provided world-class freight transportation management for customers of all kinds and sizes, and across nearly every industry, including:

    • Aerospace
    • Aerospace Logistics
    • Keep maintenance downtime to a minimum and get your aircraft back in service faster with AIT Worldwide’s agile, aircraft and parts shipping services.
    • Automotive
    • Automotive Logistics
    • Whether they're moving wire harnesses or finished vehicles, the industry's most recognizable tier one, two and three suppliers and OEMs trust AIT with automotive logistics for shipments of all sizes, all over the world.
    • Cold Chain
    • Cold Chain Logistics
    • From life-saving medicines to fresh floral arrangements to perfectly frozen foods, AIT has more than two decades of expertise in developing reliable, cost-effective cold chain logistics solutions, including warehousing and packing.
    • Consumer Retail
    • Consumer Retail Logistics
    • Whether you're moving mannequins to stores, signage to warehouses or product directly to consumers' homes, AIT's consumer retail logistics experts have the experience, and customizable solutions, you're looking for.
    • Government
    • Government Shipping
    • From parts and equipment to perishables shipping, AIT’s credentialed experts have extensive global logistics experience developing secure, compliant freight transportation solutions across all branches of the military and multiple government agencies.
    • Healthcare
    • Healthcare Logistics
    • Whether you need to move oversized medical equipment or sensitive testing devices, AIT’s experienced transportation management professionals are ready to customize the perfect solution for you.
    • Industrial
    • Industrial Logistics
    • Move the needle with tailored production logistics solutions supported by global reach and local rate access, intimate market and region knowledge, expert purchase order management, international storage and much more.
    • Technology
    • Technology Logistics
    • From high-value, populated data racks and servers to high-volume consumer electronics, AIT's experienced transportation logistics pros deliver flexible, tailored shipping solutions across all modes to help you move your business forward.

Move your business forward with expert logistics transportation management

Whether you're looking to grow your international footprint, add concierge touches to customer deliveries, or streamline your supply chain, AIT has decades of experience designing reliable, proven global transportation solutions for nearly every industry in the marketplace.

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