Global Transportation Solutions

At AIT, we take on logistical challenges with companies of all sizes in virtually every industry. Solving our customers’ supply chain problems helps enhance their international presence whether they are established global brands or just beginning to expand beyond their borders.

Global Logistics Solutions for Competitive Industries

As the world economy continues to flatten, businesses that fail to adapt will lose market share to those that do. AIT helps our growing customers achieve and strengthen competitive advantages in the following industries:

    • Cold Chain Logistics
    • AIT Cold Chain Logistics
    • AIT offers robust, innovative cold chain shipping solutions for your temperature-sensitive products, from fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods to life science commodities.
    • Government
    • AIT Government Shipping Solutions
    • In the global arena of government shipping, essential supply chain efficiencies and cargo protection are the first lines of defense employed by AIT when designing secure and fully compliant logistics plans. 
    • Residential Delivery
    • AIT Residential Delivery Solutions
    • For the delivery of fragile, high-value and/or heavy consumer goods, AIT ensures safe, professional service directly to your customer’s doorstep.
    • Retail Logistics
    • AIT transportation solutions for retailers
    • Businesses operating within today’s global retail environment turn to AIT for store set-ups and removals, clothing shipments, bypass freight and more.
    • Third Party Logistics
    • AIT third party solutions
    • By implementing third-party logistics solutions, our team streamlines processes, creating value for both your operation and your customers.
    • White Glove
    • AIT White Glove Transportation Solutions
    • AIT provides seamless transportation services for all labor-intensive deliveries that require special care and attention.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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