To avoid confusion in the world of international trade, terminology must mean the same thing worldwide. That’s why the International Chamber of Commerce created Incoterms® in 1936 to create a uniform language that members of the industry could use.

Incoterms® are key elements of international contracts of sale intended to guide parties with respect to carriage of goods from seller to buyer along with export and import clearance. Incoterms® also explain the division of costs and risks between the two parties and at what point the responsibility shifts from seller to buyer.

From EXW to DDP, AIT Worldwide Logistics is your go-to source for Incoterms when clearing your cargo through customs. Our international experts extend their understanding of Incoterms to assist with defining the difference in terms applied to sea or inland waterway transport and those applicable to all modes: air, ground, rail and ocean.

Small changes in wording can have a major impact on all aspects of a business agreement. Let AIT be your resource for Incoterms® . Click here for AIT's Incoterms® 2010 guide or contact one of our experts today.

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