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Enhanced Pharma Logistics: Save Time, Money with Streamlined Pharmaceuticals Distribution

Mach 2 is now AIT Worldwide Logistics - Life Sciences Division

AIT acquired Mach II Shipping Ltd, a U.K.-based freight forwarder specializing in worldwide distribution of pharmaceuticals and related products, in December 2023.

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Team up with a global network of proven pharmaceutical transportation experts

As the science behind the production of biologics, hormone medications, vaccines, complex proteins and temperature-specific byproducts continues to blossom—with the market projected to reach a whopping $136.63 billion by 2027—the demand for the cold chain shipping services required to safely deliver these commodities where they're needed has skyrocketed.

That’s why life sciences and pharmaceutical organizations all over the world turn to the industry experts at AIT—for tailored, proven pharmaceutical transportation solutions, backed by secure technology, dedicated cold chain logistics staff, and an entire network of teammates in more than 130 facilities around the globe.

Explore AIT's pharmaceutical transportation methods

With a division dedicated to nothing but pharma logistics, AIT's life sciences industry experts will make sure your products get precisely where they need to go—safely, securely, and as quickly as possible.

AIT's pharmaceuticals distribution expertise includes:

  • Global cold chain policy compliance
  • Chain-of-custody expertise
  • Sample distribution, clinical trial capabilities
  • Reverse logistics service
  • Automated email, text alerts
  • Active, passive cold chain packing options
  • Cold chain container delivery, preconditioning

Plus, you can count on AIT’s world-renowned customer service—a product of our core values—as we work hard to increase the efficiency of your pharmaceuticals distribution processes.

Discover Next-Gen Cold Chain Packaging

To keep temperature-sensitive commodities, including pharmaceuticals, in peak condition, AIT uses a range of cold chain packaging techniques, including passive and active cooling methods and state-of-the art monitoring. And we're able to adjust pharma logistics packaging strategies on the fly, depending on your specific products and pharmaceutical transportation needs.

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Explore Cold Chain Warehousing

Backed by decades of cold chain logistics experience, refined processes, and certified cold storage facilities, AIT creates flexible, customized warehousing solutions for our cold chain shipping clients all over the world.

To ensure your pharmaceuticals reach their destination without any excursions, we use a variety of methods to keep all temperature-sensitive shipments inside their required range.

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Find speedy air freight solutions for your most time-sensitive shipments.


Critical solutions for direct-to-patient clinical trials.

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