Outdoor Living Residential Delivery

Avoid headaches when you let AIT Worldwide Logistics handle your outdoor living residential delivery needs.

AIT has over 35 years of experience providing logistics services for a myriad of direct-to-consumer commodities -- including outdoor living, home furnishings, home electronics and appliances, exercise equipment, game tables, boats, window treatments and more.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you choose AIT for outdoor living residential delivery:

  • Proprietary IT solutions that provide real-time shipment visibility
  • Cost-effective and reliable solutions
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Customized phone scripting
  • Tailor-made delivery options, including White Glove

Ensure quick and cost-effective outdoor living residential delivery. Contact an AIT representative to learn more.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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