Blood Logistics Solutions

In blood product logistics, timing is everything. AIT uses real-time shipment tracking, advanced temperature monitoring and cost-effective cold chain distribution to transport blood samples across the country. With specialized courier services, customized packing procedures and an expert Life Sciences logistics team, we ensure the blood supply chain is upheld and your shipments are delivered securely.

Specialized Courier Services

AIT provides cross-country blood transportation coverage, with solutions adapted to the time-sensitive nature of blood samples and blood products. Our experienced team moves samples to your destination within hours, maintaining quality and ensuring hospitals, labs and clinical facilities are never waiting for critical shipments.

Our blood courier services include:

  • Blood Bank Logistics Specialist
  • 85 Percent of Deliveries within 5 Hours of Collection
  • Secure Transport from Collection Site to Final Destination
  • Real-Time Shipment Tracking
  • Daily Scheduled and Ad-hoc Deliveries Coast to Coast
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Extremely Competitive Solutions

Blood Product Logistics

Our experienced Life Science division provides secure, temperature-controlled transport for blood samples. With varying levels of service depending on the shipment’s urgency, we can accommodate your needs and manage blood shipping plans that maintain quality.

Our blood sample logistics services include:

  • Experienced temperature-sensitive specialists for over-the-counter and direct-to-healthcare-provider sample shipments
  • 24/7 operations with centralized constant surveillance
  • Same-day, next-flight-out and hand-carry service levels

Sample Packing

We provide secure, uncompromised blood sample shipping through effective cold chain packing solutions. Using our nationwide network and cutting-edge equipment, AIT moves your blood samples to their destination on schedule with constant temperature monitoring.

We use a variety of packing solutions, including:

  • Active Packing Systems
  • Passive Packing Systems
  • Reusable Containers

AIT’s proactive blood logistics solutions provide the benefits of decades of experience, and a global network of connections that help drive efficiencies through multiple transportation channels. 

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