Vaughn Moore Delivers Annual Outlook at Industry Group Gathering

Vaughn Moore, President and CEO of AIT Worldwide Logistics, recently presented his 2013 transportation industry outlook to members from two local chapters of The Associations for Operations Management (APICS) for the third consecutive year.

The event kicked off with an hour for networking followed by a sit-down dinner in the Sky View room of the Holiday Inn in Elgin, Illinois. After an introduction from Highlands chapter president Jim DeModica, Moore spoke and fielded questions for the next 60 minutes, covering the major sectors of the industry and coupling global trends with insights about how transportation and operations managers may be affected.

An overall theme that emerged from the wide-ranging discussion was an expectation of flat to possibly very modest growth in the economy. Uncertainty and balance were also recurring notions throughout the presentation with Moore expressing that many transportation sectors are struggling to balance supply and demand in terms of capacity. Specifically, sea freight overcapacity is predicted to lead to rate volatility in 2013. Trucking was mentioned as another example where hours of service regulations and driver shortages will squeeze capacity further for a mode that just had its best year in decades.

The uptick in manufacturing jobs returning to North America from overseas (also known as ‘nearsourcing’ or ‘reshoring’) was a topic hot on the minds of the supply chain professionals in attendance. Moore confirmed it is a trend he’s seen with many AIT customers and suggested that it is an important movement for the country to regain some of its manufacturing base. He spotlighted Chicago in particular as a city experiencing some growth in manufacturing and enjoying a strong downtown resurgence.

Moore also spoke about the tremendous investment AIT has made in training and technology over the past six months and tied it to a broader trend exhibited by many companies in the logistics arena. Numerous audience members nodded in agreement and confirmed efforts made by their companies to make similar investments. Asking “What are you doing differently to help your business grow?” and “What new things are we trying in an effort to work around the obstacles we face?” he challenged those in attendance to look for creative avenues when taking on difficult situations in their roles.

As the evening came to an end, Moore suggested to the group that they remember to bring some fun and enjoyment into their daily roles, thus fostering more positive work environments. “When we come to work and enjoy each other’s company, that is truly what opens up the communication and creativity so essential to professional growth and the health of our respective businesses.”

Afterwards, APICS' Highlands chapter president Jim DeModica said, "The board and our members wish to thank AIT President and CEO Vaughn Moore for his insights on today's transportation environment and we look forward to hearing from him again next March."

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