Temperature Control Warehouse

Our business at AIT Worldwide Logistics is straightforward -- moving goods from one point to another.  But AIT also recognizes that if you are transporting, frozen, chilled, shelf stable products or pharmaceutical drugs, a temperature control warehouse can be a critical factor to your success.

AIT’s Perishable Division is an experienced full-service transportation and logistics division that provides these services: customer service, tracking, quoting, pickup, packing, order fulfillment, documentation and labeling. When you outsource your warehouse and distribution needs to AIT, you know you are getting a team of experts backed by cutting edge logistics technologies. As a TSA certified cargo screening facility, AIT provides its customer portfolio (ecommerce companies, food service distributors, manufacturers, restaurant operators, cold storage facilities and pharmaceutical / cold chain companies) the temperature control warehouse requirements to manage a variety of products.

Having a temperature control warehouse can be critical to your business and you can have confidence that you can count on AIT to provide what you need. With food grade freezers and coolers, temperature controlled packing and roller system with racking to dry ice and refrigerant capabilities and partnership to maintain product integrity throughout the supply chain, you can rely on the expertise and skills of the perishable division.

For more information on our temperature control warehouse services, and how they can help your business, contact the perishable division.

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