Technology Guide

At AIT Worldwide Logistics, we go behind the scenes to tackle a complex web of global logistics options and present you with a straight, simple path for your shipment. To find the best possible option for moving your goods, the experts at AIT utilize our vast, multimodal global network to create a solution that meets your requirements for speed, security and cost. The resulting supply chain is often linked together with multiple carriers providing information via a variety of disparate channels in their own languages and formats.

You’re not left to wade through the sea of data on your own. After all, our global logistics professionals are not the only AIT experts adept at sorting out a complex puzzle. As part of our commitment to best-in-class customer service, our in-house technology team puts powerful proprietary systems to work for you, amassing shipment details from all sources and converting the input to a unified, easy-to-read platform.

So no matter where your goods are in the pipeline, every last fact you could possibly need is clearly accessible with a single web portal – MyAIT.

Customized Approach

Meeting your needs is a theme throughout our organization and it’s especially prevalent when it comes to AIT technology. Your small or medium sized business might not have a dedicated IT staff. Your multinational conglomerate may send tens of thousands of transactions per second. Either way, AIT is nimble and scalable enough to tailor our approach to your specific size and scope, providing just the right amount of support to ensure fluid communication and a successful partnership.

Our Technology Portal provides access to our flexible technology infrastructure tailored to the data needs of each customer’s supply chain.


AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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