San Francisco Team Works the Phones for KQED Pledge Drive

Hot off the heels of receiving their Station of the Year award at February’s National Diamond Meeting, co-workers from AIT-San Francisco made a unique contribution to their community last month when they participated as volunteers for KQED Public Television’s on-air fundraising drive. Decked out in their Shop AIT Gear, team members from Operations, International and Sales joined their station manager and worked the phones during a 6:45 to 10:30pm shift fielding calls from viewers making pledges.

Afterwards, AIT-San Francisco’s station manager admitted the team was nervous at first, but quickly got the hang of it. “All in all our efforts were well received by the people we spoke with,” he said. “Many callers asked about AIT, what we did and thanked us for volunteering.”

“It was really fun!” one AIT account executive added. “We got a lot of on-air face time during the pledge drive breaks with many of our co-workers seated right in the front row. The hosts also gave AIT special thanks at the end of our shift with our logo appearing in the credits.”

In her letter to the AIT-San Francisco team, KQED’s Events & Volunteers Coordinator Julie Becker thanked them for helping with the drive and contributing to the station’s mission of providing Bay Area residents with high quality commercial free television programming. She added that the station raised nearly $17,000 during their shift and invited them to come back anytime.

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