Our People

Our business is straightforward – moving goods from one point to another. What makes AIT unique is our culture and the people who embody this company – the talent who make the journey faster, simpler, better.

AIT people bring passion to their work. They are committed to each customer’s success – they take it personally.

Similarly, our people are our passion. We know they make the difference. That’s why we seek to create a safe and rewarding workplace. We are a company of close-knit, enthusiastic, and team-oriented individuals possessing unrivaled talent and industry experience. Call it family values. This powerful group dynamic differentiates AIT from every other company in the transportation industry.

And although AIT has grown and evolved over the years, some things will never change – like the enduring spirit of this company: Teamwork, respect, integrity, innovation, commitment, and passion. These core values are evident in everything we do – every service we offer, every company we partner with, every customer we serve.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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