New Orleans, Louisiana

The time is right to join the global network of AIT Worldwide Logistics and open a logistics and transportation office in New Orleans, Louisiana!

At AIT, our culture is built on an innovative, competitive and flexible entrepreneurial spirit. Established in 1979, our American-built company understands the importance of being homegrown and thrives locally across the U.S. by offering international, domestic and leadership team expertise. 

When you own and operate your local New Orleans, Louisiana transportation and logistics office with AIT, you’ll benefit from these advantages:

  • minimal start up fees
  • weekly compensation
  • competitive domestic and international rebate structure
  • international service centers, technology solutions and vertical market expertise
  • corporate support in sales, marketing, technology, accounting, compliance and recruiting

Joining the AIT network is an effective way to independently grow your customer base. To learn more about opening a New Orleans, Louisiana office with AIT, contact our franchise team now.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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