Must-Have Domestic Freight Services

There’s no debating the merit of domestic freight services for your business. You need to get products to customers on time, and an experienced domestic shipping partner helps you deliver goods to warehouses, merchants and consumers in a reliable, efficient manner. 

Domestic Freight Services That Make a Difference

Reliable domestic freight distribution is a must for businesses looking to optimize the supply chain and increase profitability. But with no shortage of domestic freight services available, it can be difficult to determine which services are worthwhile, and which ones your business can do without. 

Freight partners and logistics providers offer a variety of different freight services, but only a handful are essential for your business:

  • Air Freight Solutions – Your customers live in a real-time world. They want to receive products within the designated delivery window. Air freight solutions, like NFO, charter or handy carry, are excellent options for time-sensitive deliveries within North America. Work with a freight partner that can accommodate any size cargo loads and has a solid shipping provider network to negotiate the best pricing. 
  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping – LTL shipments typically involve smaller freight units (around 150 pounds), and don’t require as much cargo space as full-size shipments. It’s a convenient and cost-effective ground transportation solution that typically comes at a lower cost than other options, especially for smaller freight loads.  
  • Specialized Services – A component of domestic freight services includes specialized transport for not-so-common items. This includes shipments for:
    • Government – Experienced domestic freight forwarders design fully compliant logistics plans to protect and secure government shipments.  
    • Life Sciences – The healthcare industry needs items moved through the supply chain in a fast and reliable manner. Domestic freight forwarders can safely handle the transport of equipment and lab specimens.
    • Perishables – Need cold-chain solutions? Look for a domestic freight provider that can keep products fresh or frozen during transport.
    • Residential Delivery – For the delivery of fragile, high-value and/or heavy consumer goods, AIT ensures safe, professional service directly to your customer’s doorstep.
    • Retail Logistics – Businesses operating within today’s global retail environment turn to AIT for store set-ups and removals, clothing shipments, bypass freight and more.
    • Aerospace – In addition to our domestic freight services for your aircraft-on-ground (AOG) shipping needs, AIT provides cargo vans, tractor/trailers, and flatbeds for a seamless journey of all oversize aircraft parts.
    • White Glove Services – Not all deliveries end when shipments reach customers. White glove services handle the deliveries that are labor-intensive, and require special care.  

Better Business Outcomes With Domestic Freight Services 

At AIT Worldwide Logistics, we know the supply chain challenges you face. More than ever, you need a logistics partner with nationwide supply chain solutions that meet your company’s needs. Our capabilities range from air freight and a linked truck network solution to specialized services for unique commodities and industries.

AIT Worldwide Logistics has a robust global logistics network and a team of knowledgeable product experts who consult to provide solutions and options, while protecting the products moving along the supply chain. Delivering quality in a safe and streamlined manner allows AIT to earn our customers’ trust across the globe.  

You need domestic freight services. We’ve got you covered. To learn more, contact us today.

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