Monstrous Tree Felling Vehicle Delivered Faster Than You Can Say Timber

Last month, AIT-Minneapolis handled an unusual delivery for one of their customers. The cargo was a Rottne H20 forestry harvester manufactured in Sweden. The 43' long behemoth weighing in at 50,000 pounds was loaded in Göteborg, Sweden onto a 'ro-ro' (roll-on/roll-off) ship specially designed to transport wheeled vehicles on the high seas. Crossing the Atlantic, it arrived at the Port of Baltimore where it was picked up by a flatbed for a road trip to the Great North Woods of Wisconsin.

AIT-MSP's Ocean Coordinator was heavily involved with the coordination of this delivery. "The key was all around communication - asking the right questions,” she said. "After that it was smooth sailing even though we had many parties involved including the seller, the importer, our agent in Sweden, the carrier, the folks at the Port of Baltimore, the trucker and even the customs inspector (who was unbelievably helpful).”

The customer is a Rottne dealer but this was the first time they imported one of these vehicles on their own. They were "extremely pleased” especially since the H20 was delivered a full three days earlier than expected and they now hope to import another ten Rottne machines with AIT's assistance.

About the Rottne H20
Designed for final felling of big wood, the Rottne H20 features an automated swiveling and leveling cab with an emphasis on ergonomics and overall operator comfort. It also features state-of-the-art onboard technology that can sense the length and diameter of the tree being processed, making production reports a snap to generate.

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