Mid-Year Management Meeting Teems with Optimism

Gathering lauded as, "...one of the most positive meetings we've had in a long time."

At the Eaglewood Resort located just minutes away from AIT’s global headquarters in Itasca, Illinois, AIT management from across the nation gathered last month for a mid-year meeting.

After a golf tournament and other networking opportunities, attendees met for dinner to cap off the first day of the event. In addition to presenting the tournament winners with their trophy, AIT President and CEO Vaughn Moore acknowledged the 10 year anniversaries marked by AIT-Greenville/Spartanburg and AIT-Louisville earlier this year. He also recognized AIT-Baltimore’s recent 25 year anniversary as a member of the AIT family and then presented Dennis Dunn with a plaque commemorating AIT-Cincinnati’s 10 years in the network.

The following day’s meeting featured a full slate of presentations covering a wide variety of topics including Mexico Products and Services, North American Rail Services, Cargo Insurance and Declared Value, IT Initiatives, Global Development, LTL Services, Marketing Initiatives and Plans for New Offices.

Reached for comment after the meeting, AIT's Support Manager said, “It is always nice when we are able to bring the group together. This year was a little extra special since it was an opportunity for the newest member of the AIT family, Terry McMullen from Omaha, to take part in his first AIT event. The group made him feel at home very quickly! With the perfect Chicago weather and the exceptional offsite events, this meeting was one of the best we’ve ever had.”

Carl Menici from AIT-Boston echoed those sentiments. “This was one of the better meetings we have had since I started with AIT. It was great seeing everyone and so good to see how over the years everyone has become such great friends. It’s nice to work with a company that believes in family traditions. It really becomes apparent when everyone gets together at these meetings and you see the respect and caring everyone has for each other.”

“This was one of the most positive meetings we’ve had in a long time,” he continued. “Programs such as LTL, Rail, Life Sciences, Home Delivery, Retail along with all the new office openings prove that Moore and the executive team are moving our company in the correct direction for the future. They’re keeping AIT ahead of our competition and continuing to offer some of the best transportation programs in the industry.”

The new services covered at the meeting were also a highlight for John Agustin from AIT-Las Vegas. “This was a great meeting and it was exciting to hear about the new IT capabilities,” he said. “I am glad to be a part of this world-class organization and I look forward to growing our business in Nevada as a part of the AIT network.”

"What an awesome group!" exclaimed Betsy Reese from AIT-Baltimore. She added, "I felt a very upbeat vibe overall at the meeting." Reese also commented that the corporate resources available to assist with project and station-specific issues would help grow business at her location and remarked that AIT's expansion made her feel optimistic about the future.

“This year’s meeting was well organized and I personally enjoyed the format. It was exciting to hear about AIT’s growth and future footprint both in the international and domestic markets (Amsterdam, Omaha, Toronto, Houston, etc.),” said Don Beck from AIT-Salt Lake City.

“We joined AIT eight years ago in the hopes we could find a home. We were looking for an ownership and management team with a vision for the future and the flexibility to adapt to the multiple variables our industry can manifest. We have found our 'home'. We are proud to be a part of the AIT family and look forward to our future growth and success.”

“The flight home from Chicago gave me a chance to reflect on our meeting and the time spent with other members of the AIT family,” Beck continued. ”The most striking and obvious conclusion is that we, as a company, have a lot of really great people. From across the board, office to office, department to department, we are part of a great group of professional, caring, dedicated partners and associates. Thanks to all for a great meeting.”

AIT-South Bend/Fort Wayne's Ryan Jay summed it up by saying, “The future is bright and our leadership team is amazing; I don’t think we could be in better hands!”

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