Key Performance Indicators

Earning customers’ trust each and every day – that’s what AIT Worldwide Logistics is all about. Central to our success – a laser-focus on tracking the performance of core processes crucial to meeting customer requirements, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our systematic approach to internal processes emphasizes standardization, documentation and constant monitoring to ensure compliance and enable continuous improvement. Utilizing ISO best practices and Six Sigma techniques, AIT’s Quality Management System  is designed to quickly identify defects in any process. AIT monitors more than 30 companywide KPIs and calculates a global QMS Index based on 18 of the most critical metrics such as:

  • Carrier On-Time Performance
  • Agent Service Performance
  • On-Time Billing
  • Credit Application Processing Times
  • Customer Onboarding Process

Key Performance Indicators data is compiled monthly, and evaluated against target benchmarks and variations are addressed to bring any underperforming processes back into compliance.

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