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Savvy Supply Chain Strategy - Supply chain cost savings benefits online furniture retailers

Almost any business can benefit from cost savings in the supply chain. One notable example that poses some unique hurdles is the emerging trend of online furniture sales.

With burgeoning web-only furniture e-tailers lacking established linehaul networks, logistics companies are being approached to provide solutions. (read more)

AIT Develops Innovative Packaging Solution for High-Definition Televisions

The Challenge: A leading consumer electronics manufacturer introduced a new 85” high-definition television to consumers that was not packaged to support transportation without damage. As the company’s appointed logistics provider, AIT was first in line to handle the transportation.

AIT’s corporate national accounts team determined that the high-value commodities were too risky to be transported in their own packaging. They advised the current customer of their findings and offered to put together a solution that involved crating the TV’s on AIT’s dock prior to shipping them to end-users for the final mile delivery. (read more)

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