Customs Brokerage

AIT specializes in facilitating all of the detailed formalities associated with the export or import of any type of commodity, both air freight and sea freight. With extensive knowledge of ever-changing government initiatives and international trade practices, we’ll guide you through the complex maze of compliance requirements.

As a licensed customs broker, AIT minimizes customs clearance difficulties, reduces the risk of penalties and quickly moves goods around the world. The following credentials ensure the safety of your cargo:

  • Compliance with FDA, USDA, DOT, TSA, and C-TPAT
  • Compliance support for EPA and Fish and Wildlife and other government entities
  • Team of licensed brokers

Our brokerage team clears even the most complex entries with speed and accuracy via automated electronic interfacing. Moreover, to ensure on-time arrival at the specified destination, shipments can be pre-cleared through U.S. Customs well before crossing the border.

Customs Clearance Services

  • 10+2 Importer Security (ISF)
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Automated broker interface
  • Automated invoice interface
  • Bonded warehouse locations
  • Online status tracking
  • Continuous bonds
  • Power of attorney

AIT actively protects your cargo while providing timely and accurate customs clearance, oftentimes through automated electronic interfaces. Our team of experts rapidly anticipate the governmental requirements to clear your goods and, in many cases, shipments can be pre-cleared to help you avoid costly delays.

Licensed brokers located in each of the four time zones in the contiguous United States are fully trained on RLF procedures, dangerous goods handling, robbery and anti-terrorism response. Frequent self and vendor audits provide a secure supply chain for your most valued freight.

Border Clearance for Canada and Mexico

Transborder shipping is easy with the support of AIT’s strategically located offices in Canada and Mexico.

We offers affordable transportation services and flexible delivery solutions to meet your transborder shipment and customs clearance needs.

  • Documented procedures that ensure consistency, accuracy and accountability
    • Authorization to handle international shipments by Transport Canada
    • Maquiladora expertise for Mexico transactions
  • Compliance and loss prevention specialists
  • Cutting edge technology that provides immediate account access and complete real-time shipment visibility, status updates, scanned documentation, product/purchase order information and reporting options
  • World class customer service

Since 1979, AIT Worldwide Logistics has delivered flexible shipping solutions across a broad range of industries, facilitating all of the formalities and details associated with exporting and importing all commodity types. Contact an AIT representative today to learn more.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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