Corporate Co-workers Across Departments Unite to Send Meals to Hungry Kids

For the second consecutive year, AIT Worldwide Logistics’ Regulatory Affairs team organized a band of corporate co-workers to volunteer for a night at Feed My Starving Children’s (FMSC) Schaumburg, Illinois location. The charitable non-profit organization works with more than half a million volunteers each year to send food across the globe for children in need.

In addition to those from the Regulatory Affairs crew, co-workers from Corporate Administration, Corporate Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, Ocean Services and Sales donated their time and effort to the cause. Joined by dozens of other area volunteers, the AIT team assembled and packed 19,440 MannaPack™ Rice meals filling 90 boxes. The meals – a food formula consisting of vitamin-packed flavoring, dried vegetables, soy protein and rice – are destined for Swaziland in southern Africa where they will feed 53 children. Remarkably, each meal costs less than a quarter to produce thanks in large part to the generous efforts of volunteers like AIT’s team.

In a collective statement from the Regulatory Affairs team, they said, “Feed My Starving Children has given us the opportunity to work together to actively combat childhood hunger worldwide. Working as part of an assembly line is fun and great for teambuilding. It is very heartwarming to see the boxes of food stacked up at the end of the session and realize the impact that we will make on children’s lives. It is always nice to see how many people from around the company and their families want to come help out. The fact that so many of our co-workers are willing to give up their time to help people they will never meet says a lot about the character of the people who work at AIT.”

“I wanted both my daughter (age six) and I to ‘give back’ in some form or fashion, so this opportunity presented by AIT was perfect for us to give our time to a worthy cause,” said one AIT Account Executive. “We both had a great time working with other people and it was nice to work and talk with people from AIT that I had not had that chance to meet previously. We look forward to the next community service event.”

The manager for Cartage and Final Mile Delivery Services said, “I think it humbles anyone who attends this. It was my fourth time and every time I am just amazed how children and adults work together so well to help children all over the world. The last time I attended it was noted that over 18,000 children die of hunger every day. Last month the volunteers advised us that the number is down to 6,300. It’s still too many but we are making a difference. I am in tears every time and I will volunteer as much as I can to help these children.” She concluded, “It is also very fun working with team members off site, especially with our very attractive hair nets!”

“It was an amazing experience and I was glad to see we had so much AIT participation,” added AIT’s Corporate Administrator. “It was heartwarming to see how many families and young people actually came and participated as an ‘activity’ during their spring break. It’s a great organization and truly a gratifying experience. I’m looking forward to participating again in June.”

“It was my first time going and it was a good time!” exclaimed an AIT Marketing Generalist who also attended. She continued, “They really try to get you to pack as much as you possibly can in the short time available, which makes it more interesting to be moving quickly and trying to pack more than the other stations. It was great to have a small part in an organization that is making a big difference throughout the world!”

“I was very happy to be part of this event and contribute to such great cause. I do very much appreciate alI the things I have, especially my kids, and going that night to help feeding other kids that are starving made me more grateful and want to do this more frequently,” remarked the manager from Corporate Ocean Services.

A manager from Human Resources said, “Packing food for Feed My Starving Children is an experience that brings joy to my spirit and makes me feel that I am contributing for a great cause. Working together in the different packing stations to accomplish a goal is rewarding and exciting. We push each other to work on box after box until we meet the target number – sharing the excitement of work well done is priceless!”

About Feed My Starving Children 

A Christian non-profit founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children tackles world hunger by sending volunteer-packed, nutritious meals to nearly 70 countries, where they're used to operate orphanages, schools, clinics and other building blocks of healthy communities. Last year, FMSC produced more than 150 million meals, maintained its eighth consecutive four-star rating from Charity Navigator and spent 93% of total donations directly on feeding the hungry.

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