Container Logistics

Need an expert in container logistics? You’ve come to the right resource – AIT Worldwide Logistics. 

Founded in 1979, AIT designs, executes and manages logistics and transportation solutions across virtually every industry and vertical market. With extensive expertise in sea and air freight forwarding, ground distribution, warehouse management, 3PL, and intermodal logistics, AIT Worldwide is the ideal logistics partner. 

When you work with AIT Worldwide Logistics, we’ll tailor container logistics to fit your commodity. Whether you need a full container or could save money by using only a partial container by sharing space with another shipper, our logistics experts will make it happen. 

A key component of our success? MyAIT -- our easy-to-use online platform that offers our customers complete shipment visibility and enhanced communication. Our in-house technology team is continually updating and enhancing the value-added features of MyAIT, including the ability to: 

  • Generate quotes 
  • Set up shipments 
  • Track inventory in our warehouses
  • Manage purchase orders (AIT can even act as an intermediary with your company’s vendors and suppliers)
  • Setup email alerts using status triggers

Hand over container logistics to the experts at AIT. Speak with an AIT operations expert today to ensure smooth sailing for your next container shipment. 

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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