AIT's Cohan and Taylor Attend WCA Perishables Conference

Duo Spurs Efforts to Stimulate Mutually Beneficial Partnerships Amongst Members

AIT Worldwide Logistics co-workers Michael Cohan, Vice President, Perishables and Steve Taylor, Director of Operations, Central Region, joined cold chain professionals from more than two dozen logistics companies as participants in the third annual World Cargo Alliance (WCA) Perishables conference.

Held in Brussels, Belgium on April 26 and 27, 2013, Taylor contributed to the conference with an address in which he called for all WCA Perishable network members to put forth a collective effort towards strengthening the alliance. By leveraging the connections within the network, Taylor said, members can help generate new business for each other, thus creating a positive return on the investment of being a member in the WCA.

Following his return from the conference, Taylor reflected on the event. “I think we helped to spark some honest dialogue that will lead to improvements for everyone in the organization,” he said. “AIT voiced concerns about the absence of opportunities and above-market pricing between members. In turn, we made a commitment that AIT would initiate the push to convert more business to WCA Perishable partners at competitive prices. After having a chance to meet with other members both one on one and as part of a roundtable discussion, I feel confident we will see everyone in the WCA making the same efforts.”

Cohan added, “I guaranteed business for the partners we spoke to and now we will look for a similar gesture in return. The alliance will only succeed if all members work together and jointly promote business opportunities for one another.”

Taylor also emphasized the effort that WCA leadership is expending to nurture increased cooperation between member companies. “Adam McKenna [General Manager, WCA Perishables] has taken the unexpected step of making his office available as a conduit for global bids. We commend him for being so willing to put the WCA’s resources to work for members; he is clearly dedicated to advancing the organization to the next level.”

“We all need to be open to evolving and making changes that will bring in new opportunities,” stressed Cohan. “If we carefully examine the supply chain, we will all find ways to improve efficiencies through stronger partnerships, which will ultimately lead to best-in-class service for everyone’s customers.”

In conclusion, Taylor summarized, “McKenna along with [WCA President and CEO] David Yokeum and [WCA Vice President, Specialist Networks] Brian Majerus have demonstrated responsiveness towards the concerns of companies in the alliance. We are pleased to see centralized efforts at creating and monitoring new collaboration and opportunities among the membership. The companies in the WCA Perishables network possess a variety of specialized expertise in markets throughout the world. If every member of the network leverages individual specialties and works with other alliance partners to apply this expertise in their markets, we will all strengthen and grow our businesses while bolstering the WCA as a whole.”

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