Stabilizing the customer experience and improving operational performance. That’s what CAPA -- Corrective and Preventive Action -- is all about at AIT Worldwide Logistics.

AIT’s CAPA methodology drives continuous improvements for any underperforming processes and prevents recurrence and occurrence of undesirable situations. Our Quality Department, which is staffed by members with Six Sigma training, drives AIT’s CAPA process, which is designed to:

  • analytically investigate the situation
  • isolate root causes
  • propose/evaluate potential solutions
  • implement corrective and preventive actions

Quality management -- an integral part of how we deliver exceptional worldwide logistics solutions to our customers worldwide and ensure customer delight. If you are interested in discussing AIT’s CAPA or other quality management programs including our Quality Management System (QMS) and Quality Satisfaction Index (QSI), contact an AIT representative today.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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