AIT Worldwide Logistics Opens Shanghai Station

Taking the next step toward doubling its local presence in Asia, AIT Worldwide Logistics recently announced the opening of a new international station in Shanghai, China.

Building on the stream of success experienced by AIT’s flagship station in Hong Kong, the AIT-PVG station is located just minutes away from the heart of Shanghai’s central business district and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

“As AIT consistently searches for ways to strengthen its collaborations with China, the establishment of an office in Shanghai symbolizes a significant step forward in these efforts,” said Vaughn Moore, president of AIT Worldwide Logistics.

Various AIT executives have taken business trips to Shanghai this year in order to cement relationships, build contracts and establish a local presence among steamship lines, co loaders and business partners.

“While we are still transitioning and developing our business opportunities, strong volumes have been reported since the station opened in late spring of this year,” said Dave Buss, vice president of global operations for AIT. “To physically establish a full-time solidified presence here in China serves as a strong declaration that AIT is in the Far East.”

As one of China’s largest and most dynamic cities, Shanghai plays a significant role in global trade and logistics, particularly in the Asia-Pacific market. Due in part to the strong recovery of China’s imports and exports and the recent world exposition that took place in the city this year, Shanghai has made various ongoing project investments in its transportation and logistics infrastructure.

Today, the sprawling city has built streamlined and sophisticated integrated logistics facilities involving trucking, rail, river and marine transport. “Considering the city’s rising international influence, our newest location in the Pacific Rim will reinforce our presence in Asia, which serves as the largest trade lane and a significant point of origin for AIT,” explained Buss.

With the staff support received from AIT-HKG for the station’s day-to-day operations and product development, the Shanghai team – currently comprised of 3 employees – has been consistently building local business opportunities for AIT.

Because the office is strategically located close to emerging northern cities and supplier zones including Beijing, Nanjing and Tianjin and near the Yangtze River, which feeds the country’s inland transportation infrastructure, the station is expected to serve as an ideal hub for central and North China.

“The Shanghai station location provides easy access to our carrier base and serves as a logical launching point and regional center for international trade,” said Kevin Krause, director of ocean services for AIT.

According to Buss, AIT has most recently made significant progress in efforts to market the Asia to Brazil trade lane through our Miami gateway. “This service is only one of the many areas of opportunities we wouldn’t be able to pursue if we weren’t on the ground in Shanghai,” he explained.

Krause notes that since the Shanghai station opened its doors for business, AIT has seen an exponential increase in securing quoting opportunities, competitive rates and local FOB charges in the region.

“Our Shanghai station provides us the ability to apply our own local decision-making, operating power and global visibility in regional distributions and consolidation opportunities in that part of Asia,” he said.


Christine Nicholson
Corporate Public Relations Coordinator

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