AIT Worldwide Logistics Launches Retail Logistics Division

AIT Worldwide Logistics is proud to announce the launch of its retail logistics division.

Building on the industry-leading full service solutions and resources of AIT’s extensive global network, the team of 7 highly experienced employees is focused on leveraging and attracting significant customer growth for the company’s newest vertical market entity.

Advanced logistics and supply solutions geared towards retail companies including pool distribution, cross docking, final mile expertise and dedicated carriage services are just a few of the enhanced services that AIT’s retail logistics team will provide.

Serving as director of the division, Jack Holt brings more than 30 years of specialized expertise to AIT. Holt and his team aim to provide AIT customers a high-quality service from production and worldwide sourcing straight to the sales floors of the world’s most recognized retailers.

“Retail is the single fastest growing industry in the world and has outpaced the growth of every other market,” said Holt, referencing the overwhelming influx of shopping centers, malls and regional and national retailers that have entered into the marketplace in recent years.

According to Holt, the role of the supply chain remains one of the key components at the forefront of successful retail innovation. 

“Without a sustainable solution, the impact can be catastrophic to a retailer,” he explained. “Retail logistics distribution systems directly affect sales, inventory, velocity of product through the system, loss prevention, lost wages and delivery strategy.” 

In order to meet the complexity and challenges involved with modern retail logistics, an integrated and collaborative infrastructure blending critical business functions is required to pursue the full range of opportunities existing in the marketplace. 

“Feedback from the retail sector is focused in a few areas of concentration: on-time delivery that creates a low impact scenario at the store level, chain of custody for product protection, a technology solution to allow the retailer to track and trace in real time and accurate accounting.” 

Noting how retailers are increasingly realizing the need to gain more control of their logistics processes, Holt says that AIT’s solution has been designed primarily with the consumer demands of cost and availability in mind. 

“The consumer wants a product that is fairly priced and readily available,” he said. “While the ‘logistics concept’ is not new, it does affect how economically product flows through the supply chain.” 

While each retailer will describe portions of their supply chain as "more or less" critical, Holt says that there are two factors that are non-negotiable: on-time at the store and loss prevention. 

“Our focus is to provide a store experience that exceeds expectations through dedicated operations, targeted training and attention to cost saving measures that increase the positive experience.” 

As with any other area of the industry, the retail logistics landscape is constantly diversifying and evolving. Among the most notable and challenging trends in recent years is delivery costs. 

“Fuel drives retail as no one single component can,” said Holt, adding that retailers actively pursue solutions to reduce transit miles from distribution centers to store destinations. Pool and cross dock services are transportation options that will reduce overall delivery costs for retailers, he explains. 

Holt is confident that AIT will stay ahead of these dynamic trends through its local and global presence, rigorous claims and security initiatives and customized in-house tracking and tracing technologies that are at the forefront of information sharing. 

“From a retailer perspective, the ability to find a company that can serve many needs is growing in importance,” he said. “Managing a fractured network of carriers in many markets compounds the burden on a vendor manpower process. Our solution is one provider, one contact, one company.” 

Holt says he and his team are excited to join a company that views customers as its number one commodity.

“More and more of our competition has lost that personal touch at the interpersonal level that is required for generating true business growth and success,” he said. “AIT’s family-oriented corporate image and industry experience is backed by size, technology and sophistication of services that will serve the retail marketplace very well.”

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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