AIT-St. Petersburg Assists with 9-11 Museum Opening

Branch Owner Gail Gilchrist and her team at AIT-St. Petersburg played an important role in securing New York City's National September 11 Memorial Museum by shipping two state-of-the-art screeners for their customer. The screeners were in place and ready for use when the museum opened to the public on May 21.

Back in March, the customer had asked AIT-St. Petersburg to ship demo units to the site for evaluation at the soft opening of the museum. Gilchrist's team was only given a two day notice, but by executing that project in rapid fashion, they helped their customer have a successful evaluation and win the contract.

The complex project originated from St. Petersburg, Florida and Woburn, Massachusetts and included not only the screening units, but also 1,100 pound installation kits for each screener. The AIT-St. Petersburg team scheduled the screener deliveries with flatbeds and forklifts which included thorough security checks for all personnel.

The customer set very specific requirements for a rigger who needed to be on site with the proper tools and a Genie lift to conduct the installation. Gilchrist's group arranged for a rigger to offload the screeners when they arrived at the museum and set them in place. An extra wrinkle occurred when a Next Flight Out (NFO) shipment was required to ship a spare part to a local technician. It arrived at the tech's New York City apartment at 1:30am allowing her to hand carry the part to the museum for a critical repair before the opening.

Gilchrist said, "Our Operations teammate took the lead on this project and worked with all parties to ensure a smooth install. The timing of the riggers and the techs in particular was critical and it all came together very nicely!"

Photo credit: WTCmemorialJune2012 by Wikimedia Commons user Cadiomals used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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