AIT-San Francisco Volunteers Get Involved to Serve Low-Income Community Members

The team at AIT-San Francisco banded together late last year to volunteer time in an AIT Cares effort at the Samaritan House in nearby San Mateo, California.

While Samaritan house serves low-income families and individuals by meeting basic needs including clothing, shelter, health care and counseling, the SFO co-workers did their part by assisting with food prep and food distribution on their day at the non-profit.

"Our whole team showed up. We peeled about 100 pounds of potatoes and distributed food for over a hundred families!" said the AIT-San Francisco Station Manager. "We work as a team at work and we worked well together serving our community. The people at Samaritan House appreciated how we really pitched in. It was a great reminder that we are called upon to serve in the communities where we live and conduct business."

About Samaritan House 
Since 1974, Samaritan House has been serving low-income families and individuals in San Mateo County. With the assistance of thousands of volunteers and donors every year, Samaritan House helps meet the basic daily needs of more than 12,000 individuals in the community. The mission is to mobilize the resources of the community and to help those among us who are in need, while preserving dignity, promoting self-sufficiency and providing hope.

The Samaritan House is part of AIT Cares - an initiative celebrating co-worker efforts to give back to the communities where we live and work.

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