AIT Perishable Experts Perfectly Coordinate Simultaneous Import Of International Foodstuffs

The Challenge:

For their biennial worldwide conference, one of the world’s largest multi-national fast food restaurant chains needed thousands of fresh product samples on hand to promote to the over 16,000 employees and franchisees in attendance.

More than 100 skids, cartons and containers totaling nearly 27,000 kilograms were to arrive from 15 international points of origin scattered across five continents. Coming into the United States over the course a three week period, the varied assortment of ambient, refrigerated and frozen foodstuff imports required consolidation in a cold chain storage facility and delivery to the final destination precisely within a narrow window timed to coincide with the event’s commencement.

When they’d tried working with other logistics providers in the past, the customer suffered a staggering perishables failure rate of up to 70%. For this critical, highly visible project, the fast food giant issued a mandate to their suppliers: use AIT Worldwide Logistics.

The Solution:

Without a doubt, the project presented a high level of complexity, but the experts at AIT’s perishable division were undaunted. Exercising careful, deliberate forethought, they drew up a multi-faceted transportation plan that took full advantage of the company’s non-asset based flexibility. From a broad network of highly-qualified industry connections, numerous air and trucking carriers were hand-picked to play a role in the successful execution of the project.

The cold chain veterans at AIT also anticipated the inevitable maze of governmental embargos, restrictions and other regulatory hurdles involved when importing edible goods to the United States. Working behind the scenes and leveraging decades of collective experience, they proactively readied and rigorously double-checked a myriad of mandatory import permits and other required documentation that would otherwise baffle an unseasoned or undisciplined forwarder.

The Result:

Thanks to AIT’s diligent planning, invaluable expertise and extensive worldwide cold chain network, the customer’s perishables arrived from a multitude of overseas origins and flowed effortlessly through a labyrinth of U.S. Customs, U.S. Food & Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture clearances.

The refrigerated, dry and frozen goods were consolidated without incident at AIT’s temperature-controlled facility and arrived at the final destination as one seamless shipment. Not only did the project conclude with every last edible arriving on time, but in stark contrast to the customer’s previous experience with other forwarders, AIT orchestrated the flawlessly coordinated delivery with zero product loss.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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