AIT Locations Band Together to Deliver Life-Saving Medication

Sometimes the smallest shipments are the most crucial and a rapid delivery means the difference between life and death. So was the case last month when Independent Contractor Jay Hook (AIT-Louisville) was called upon to manage the delivery of life-saving pharmaceuticals to Children's Hospital of Denver in Aurora, Colorado.

The medication was needed to help save a child who had accidentally overdosed and it was needed fast, so Hook's team arranged for the package to be on a United flight to Denver. One of AIT-Louisville’s Operations agents made sure to label the package "Life Guard", alerting anyone who handled the box of its critical contents. Another agent reached out to United to inform them about the package and its importance. Meanwhile, his colleague in AIT-Denver Operations had a driver ready and waiting at the airport when the flight arrived at 5:13pm MST (thanks to the United pilots being alerted and flying faster than usual to touch down as early as possible).

Amazingly, the shipment was recovered, driven 15 miles and hand delivered to the Children's Hospital pharmacy in 22 minutes. Hook's customer simply said, "Thank you very much sir. This is going to save a kid's life tonight."

"Everyone involved really did a great job! " Hook said emphatically. He applauded the AIT-Denver team, United's personnel and his AIT-Louisville staff for coordinating and working together to make sure the pharmaceuticals made it in record time, helping to make the biggest difference of all for an ailing child.

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