AIT Launches LTL Service Solution

Offering customers the economical choice of convenience, carrier selection and cost savings, AIT Worldwide Logistics has announced the launch of its new comprehensive LTL (Less Than ruckload) ground transportation solution.

The centralized carrier base model was designed to provide aggressive pricing agreements through a diverse network of regional and national partnerships.

Driven by a customized online MyAIT transportation management system and rating tool, the service provides customers the automated ability and flexibility of managing the logistics of their business more effectively by pairing carrier costs with service levels and transit times.

According to Aidan Oliver, director of corporate operations, the need for the addition of this solution on AIT’s menu of domestic services became realized among existing customers and small to medium sized shippers who sought opportunities to secure more competitive LTL pricing rates.

“By negotiating discounts with LTL carriers based on our nationwide volumes, we have given our clients reduced rates, a strategic assortment of transportation options and the freedom to control their entire web-based scheduling process,” he says.

Through a rigorous internal global compliance certification and quality assurance process, AIT-approved carriers have been carefully selected for the program.

Because LTL was initially an untapped market for AIT, the service introduction was not met without its set of challenges and setbacks. The LTL division reveals that developing internal awareness and education among the AIT community has been a gradual, yet valuable process.

With the ongoing objective of establishing heavier participation from the entire AIT network, The product division management team has been reaching out to stations individually to generate levels of interest and providing training through webinars across the AIT community.

Approaching the product launch, testing with customers around the nation earlier this year proved to measure the efficiency of the transportation management system because of its ability to create the MAWB and HAWB simultaneously, essentially making the shipment “no-touch.”

A total of 21 AIT stations across the network have participated in the program. Many of these stations have been reporting sales success stories among their customers.

The MSP station has been using AIT’s LTL product primarily for one of the station’s largest warehousing cusomers. According to Linda Miller, AIT-MSP station manager, AIT has also sold the program direct to its customers, who have reported tremendous success with the service solution for the past month.

“Price is very competitive and the service has been great – the site is very easy to use and I like how it creates the MAWB within seconds after you book the shipment,” says Miller. “I recommend that anyone in the AIT system who hasn’t been giving it a try should do so. I think they would be very surprised at the cost saving they could take advantage of and it definitely gives sales another service to sell.”

According to AIT’s LTL product manager, profits have increased steadily month-over-month since the inception of the product. A total of 212 shipments weighing 189,000 pounds were scheduled in October through the MyAIT system, while November’s numbers are projected to surpass that amount.

With coverage in 48 contiguous states, the future of the LTL product expands into Canada as the upcoming target market for AIT. Both over-the-border and intra-Canada service with complete cross-border pricing will specifically accommodate the geographic area service expansion requirements.

Oliver says that the LTL team also has its sights set on providing MyAIT access to AIT’s global partners and developing competitive inland pricing rates for AIT’s international ocean product within the next year.

From a price and service standpoint, AIT stacks up against the competition with the launch of the LTL model, a cost-effective product offering for ground customers.

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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