AIT-Las Vegas Independent Contractor Lends Leadership, Know-How to Export Growth Program

AIT-Las Vegas Independent Contractor John Agustin continued to strengthen AIT’s reputation in the southern Nevada market by sharing his international shipping expertise as part of the ExporTech program sponsored by Nevada Industry Excellence.

Agustin was a presenter at the March 17 session held on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus where he guided attendees through an overview of how to make logistics choices before beginning to export their company’s goods. Next, he offered detailed explanations of Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) – pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce to help clearly communicate the tasks, costs and risks associated with international transportation and delivery of goods. After discussing the required documentation for international shipments, Agustin also covered tariffs, taxes and duties while presenting resources like to assist with navigating these matters.

The ExporTech program was created by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the U.S. Export Assistance Centers. It consists of three daylong sessions spread out over the span of three months with the purpose of helping businesses develop international growth plans. Each session features presentations, exercises and group discussions along with personal coaching that is even available in between sessions.

In addition to offering his informative presentation, Agustin is serving as a coach for one of the participating companies, helping them to do market research and assemble their overall export plan. He also sits on the panel that approves the final business plans turned in during the third session of the ExporTech program.

Agustin has been involved with Nevada Industry Excellence since its inception and he received their Provider of the Year award in 2010. The deputy director of Nevada Industry Excellence, Terry Culp, expressed his thanks for Agustin’s contribution, mentioning the positive comments received from the ExporTech attendees.

One of Agustin’s AIT-Las Vegas customers summed it up by saying, “This is why John is so respected in the Valley. He is a 'giver' to those around him, a mentor to many and a good friend to all. Awesome - as usual!”

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