AIT-Hartford Celebrates 20 Years with the Company

Branch Managers Bob and Sue Scully recently celebrated 20 years as a part of AIT's network along with their team at AIT-Hartford. To mark the occasion, Executive Vice President Ray Fennelly visited the location and presented a commemorative glass trophy.

Fennelly said, "Sue and Bob have taken great pride and care in building a dynamic team of logistics professionals who are truly dedicated to the work they do for our customers. I extend my best wishes in congratulating them on the occasion of this anniversary and my heartfelt thanks goes out to the entire team for their support."

Looking back on the past two decades, Sue said, "It is hard to believe that 20 years has passed since we met Dan Lisowski and Steve Leturno; we would like to thank them with all of our hearts for inviting us to be a part of AIT."

She remarked that the staff has been through a lot together over the years, but that their strength as a group has helped them overcome the challenges they've had to face. "We are grateful for our staff - they are the best! They are team players who look out for the best interests of our customers, the company and each other," she added.

"We are most proud when customers tell us that calling our office is more like calling an extension of their own company rather than an outside logistics provider. Our customers call for advice and to work out details for projects. They trust us to communicate with their customers and we have even helped train their new employees. We understand the importance and value of what we do for our customers and we work to provide seamless, consistent service from the point of pick-up through the final invoice."

In summary, Sue said, "It has been amazing to represent AIT and to work with so many great people over the years. It is exciting to see how much the company has accomplished. We always knew that this was a great company and we are happy to be a part of the growth that has made AIT such an important player in the industry."

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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