AIT-Detroit's Lorri Fairchild Appointed Senior Advisor, Logistics by Department of Homeland Security

Lorri Fairchild, Branch Manager of AIT-Detroit, is one of six private sector experts who have been selected for a special Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assignment to help improve the experience for commercial aviation travelers.

She will coordinate with the five other executives during a six-month assignment that is designed to promote the facilitation of travel and tourism at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). As the Senior Logistics Advisor for this program, Lorri is advising the TSA and CBP on issues related to airport systems flow of international travelers and she is making recommendations with an eye on streamlining the arrivals and connections process. Other members of the team include executives from American Airlines, Delta Airlines and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Lorri said, "I have been extremely impressed with DHS' willingness and commitment to seek out advisement from the private sector and I am honored to have been chosen for this assignment. DHS leadership, at the highest levels in Washington, D.C., has expressed their strong desire to gain insight from experts with unique business acumen and entrepreneurial creativity to help revise or create new DHS policies and procedures."

She continued, "As our team tours six of the nation's busiest airports over the coming months, we expect to collect data and gain extensive knowledge of the international arrival process through U.S. Customs and Immigration as well as TSA passenger screening for domestic departures. Our assignment will conclude with our report and presentation of recommendations to Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske and the unnamed TSA Chief replacing the recently retiring John Pistole."

Lorri has more than 20 years of experience in the global supply chain management industry and this advisory appointment is far from her first. Besides implementing and administering the TSA's Indirect Air Carrier Program at her location, she was a key stakeholder in the TSA's Certified Cargo Screening Technology Pilot Program. In fact, AIT-Detroit was one of the country's first businesses certified to screen passenger air cargo using Advanced Technology X-ray and Explosive Trace Detection, making Lorri a pioneer of the Certified Cargo Screening Program. In cooperation with the Borders and Marine Security Division, Science and Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, Lorri was also a beta tester for Chain of Custody tracking devices. Additionally, she has invested in other advanced cargo security training including X-ray interpretation, IED recognition and physical cargo search protocols.

"Under this Administration, one of our top priorities has been to expand and facilitate the trade and travel that contributes to our nation's growing economy," said Deputy Secretary Mayorkas. "The Loaned Executive Program recruits the best talent and ideas from the private sector and brings that expertise to bear for the DHS mission. Our efforts will continue to make the United States the destination of choice for business and leisure. We are proud to welcome these outstanding individuals who have accomplished so much in the private sector to help us further improve the travel experience for the American public and visitors to our country."

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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