AIT Core Values

Improving your supply chain is our business – from moving heavyweight cargo around the world and enabling just-in-time warehousing to delivering goods directly to the consumer’s front door. Essential to our 35 years of experience alike is our AIT mission:

At AIT, we vigorously seek opportunities to earn our customers’ trust
by delivering exceptional worldwide logistics solutions
while passionately valuing our co-workers, partners and communities.

What enables us to deliver exceptional global solutions? Our AIT Core Values.

  1. Earn our customers' trust. Integrity is the cornerstone of our day-to-day operations with our customers (not to mention with our employees, partners and communities).
  2. Passionately value co-workers. We offer competitive pay and benefits, learning opportunities, leadership development and recognition
  3. Actively engage in our communities. In 2012, we established our AIT Cares program, where co-workers across the globe are asked to volunteer five hours annually in the community -- totaling more than 4,700 volunteer hours across the AIT network each year.
  4. Always conduct ourselves ethically – Ethics are rooted in everything we do. We strive to build an environment of trust between our customers, co-workers and partners.
  5. High performance at a world-class level – Every shipment is important. That is why we continually re-invest in our cutting-edge technology, bolster our robust networks, hire only the best and brightest and develop our co-workers’ skills.

See our AIT Core Values at work on our Facebook page. View our company video here or speak with an AIT representative now. our people deliver.®

AIT has a robust global logistics network, with more than 50 offices worldwide.

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