25 Years in the Network for AIT's First Ever Independent Contractor

The AIT-Baltimore facility recently marked a major milestone when they celebrated 25 years as part of the AIT family. The occasion was particularly noteworthy because BWI was AIT's first-ever Independent Contractor location. At the AIT-BWI office, President and CEO Vaughn Moore presented a congratulatory glass trophy to co-owners John Abell, Hooper Goldsborough, Betsy Reese and Ed Reese.

Betsy Reese remarked that AIT-BWI had overcome economic downturns and life-threatening illnesses to succeed and endure for a quarter century. Among the keys to the location's longevity, she mentioned commitment to excellence when servicing their customers, having a low turnover rate, deciding to align with AIT in the first place, customer and co-worker loyalty and, "...never, never, never giving up.”

The BWI crew is known for reliable delivery of "very hot” freight as well as cargo that requires special handling. Reese says they have also built their reputation through best-in-class customer service. "We have always made ourselves directly available to any customer 24/7 - no machines, no answering services,” she added.

Reese's numerous highlights over the past two and a half decades include knowing the company's co-founders along with many other AIT co-workers, receiving the first IC of the Year award, moving to larger facilities and growing the location's fleet. She went on to say, "It's hard to believe that it has been 25 years since we signed on with AIT and overall, it has been a satisfying relationship.”

She continued, "It has been difficult at times to keep the business afloat and we have survived more by passion than by business acumen (although we are not without common sense!). I am keenly aware of how quickly the time passes. My advice to colleagues is to stretch yourself while keeping an open mind and a pleasant attitude. Respect and learn from those who have gone before you. Technology is a wonderful tool, but don't allow it to replace humanity. We are all selling.”

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